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Loyalty program of the Small Charming Hotels - CHARMING REWARDS

Terms and Conditions:


  • Charming Rewards membership and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Small Charming Hotels Prague, operated by Hotelpro Ltd. Hotelpro Ltd. reserves the right to add, delete, or change any of the rules, conditions, benefits, rewards, membership levels and any other aspects of the Program with or without notice.
  • Hotelpro Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the Program by providing written notice to members six months in advance. In such event, your right to accumulate points and claim rewards will terminate at the end of this period.
  • The Charming Rewards program is governed by the law of the Czech Republic.
  • The program does not constitute a contract between Hotelpro Ltd. and any member.


  • Charming Rewards Points may be earned for services consumed exclusively at any of the Small Charming Hotels Prague (hotels Anna, Atlantic, Pav, Start) operated by Hotelpro Ltd.
  • Points will be awarded for a qualified stay, including telephone and other hotel services (Anna and Pav – telephone, Atlantic – telephone, hotel restaurant, lobby bar, conference room, Start - telephone, hotel restaurant, lobby bar).
    Qualified stays are all stays booked through the website or through the individual website of one of the Small Charming Hotels (hotel Anna, hotel Atlantic, hotel Páv, hotel Start). Also reservation made by phone, email or personally at the reception of one of the Small Charming Hotels.
  • Points will accumulate on the basis of 10 points per 100 CZK (or foreign currency equivalent) of eligible room night expenditures.
  • In order to assure point credits, Members must present the Charming Rewards ID at check-in and obtain a receipt at check-out. Charming Rewards ID is nonassignable.
  • Points are not assignable, sellable, transferable, replaceable or redeemable for cash.
  • Points are not assignable, sellable, transferable, replaceable or redeemable for cash.


  • Small Charming Hotels Prague shall not be responsible for lost or stolen awards certificates.
  • All Charming Rewards Club Awards (“Awards”) are subject to revision by Small Charming Hotels Prague, at its sole discretion. Point amounts for each Award are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • All Awards will be issued by Small Charming Hotels Prague. Awards may be obtained by ordering online.
  • All Awards are subject to availability. Awards shall require two weeks for delivery from date of request.
  • All Awards listed are from independent suppliers, except Free Room Night, and are subject to the terms and conditions printed on each certificate.
  • An Award once ordered but not collected is considered as having been taken up..







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